Move your life

Together lets...

Grab our latest range of our high quality activewear designed to move your style and energy!

Join us at our ultimate feel good dance fitness classes moving your body and mind.


Our classes provide an all over body workout burning between 200-500 calories & they put a smile on your face!


GEEJ is a community, where you can find your new bestie or just surround yourself with good people and good vibes.


We run projects and reinvest our profits into helping the community and people around us.


We focus on improving your dance skills and can also offer private lessons based on your needs and wants. Also, keep a look out for our workshops



Our classes are designed to help keep you pushing comfort zones and we're launching or coaching programmes very soon!



GEEJ was founded in January 2020 by Georgina and has become a community of people moving their mind, body and style in a way that's authentic to them! At GEEJ, we don't stay still, we move (and groove) our way through life. GEEJ isn't for everyone but when it is for you, it's for EVERY part of you! 

Caitlin joined the team in 2021 and now we have two fantastic instructors ready to help you along your journey.

We offer dance fitness classes, private lessons, and special events. Kit yourself out in our latest activewear items designed to help you put your all into your exercise and make you feel a million dollars! You can even book in for a coaching session with Georgie to help guide you if you're feeling a little stuck in life.

Why should you join us?

Frequently asked questions

Do I need dance experience to join?

You most certainly don't! It's just about coming to class, sweating, smiling and learning!

Do I book a GEEJ class online?

Yes! To book on to a class...

  1. Head to our booking page.
  2. Find a class that suits you.
  3. Book on to it! You will get an email with all the details of your class and a reminder.
  4. Choose your payment option (pay in class is for if you want to use cash)
  5. Please note that if you cancel your class 24 hours or less before the class or you are a no show then the class fee will still be required/not refunded.

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 "The atmosphere created by a group of women all dancing without judgement or fear is incredible"

- MEG 

GEEJ classes are filled with woman of all shapes, size and different ability to dance. But the most important and special thing about the class is that there is no judgement. I love going to GEEJ classes as it has given me more confidence to feel comfortable in my own body. I love to shake and shimmy and let everything go whilst dancing. Georgie is an amazing person and shows commitment to determination to ensure each of us ladies in classes enjoys and feels good.