We can help!

It would be quite impossible to know everything about everything but whatever your goals may be, we are certain GEEJ can help you with your mindset. We only work with individuals who are committed to achieving their goals, so if that's you then please get in touch for your 20 minute (free) consultation.

Our style has been described as a "firm friendly helping hand" and it's a perfect explanation of what we do. 


A 20 minute consultation that's free to see if: 

1. You like my coaching style

2. If I feel I can help you obtain your goals.



Join a group of like minded people who are going through the same challenge as you, gain support and get fit at the same time!


My one-to-one sessions can be done online or in person depending on location. Please get in touch for prices and confirmation of how these meetings could take place. 


It's not easy to change old habits but I can certainly help you get the lifestyle you want, we'll tear down barriers, create healthy habits and really get your life moving in the direction you want.

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Love Yourself

Challenge 2021

Every year we run a love your self challenge. Every lady who enters sets them selves a personal goal, this could be physical, mental, career based, basically anything.


Once the goal is chosen, you write a letter to yourself that describes, how you're feeling right now, why you want to achieve it, and how you'll complete it. 

At the end of the month you write another letter to yourself on the journey you've had.

If you're chosen as a winner then you'll be invited to attend a photoshoot, where we doll up and have so much fun! 

Interested in entering? Then watch this space for the announcements!