"Be the inspiration for all generations"

The Founder





The founder, Georgina James, created in January 2020, a platform that allows people to empower their authentic selves. GEEJ is for people who want to move in their life; move towards their goals, move their bodies, and even move their style. GEEJ is designed to help you balance all your plates, and to help you accept that sometimes some plates might smash, and that's ok! We can do it all, just not all at the same time.

Success. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Ours? It's having the ability to transform peoples lives through what we do and allow them to live their authentic self with no apologies!

Behind the dancing.. behind the active wear, behind the coaching, is a person who just wants to change the world and make a difference in to peoples lives one person at a time. 

Message from Georgie

Hi, I'm Georgina, the founder of GEEJ. I really hope you enjoy your experience with us, whether that be through dancing, coaching, or wearing our clothing range. I want to help transform the way you live your life, and make sure it's the way you want to live it. My promise to you is to continue to develop all our services to make sure we do exactly that. I am absolutely in love with dancing and have from a young age I naturally wanted to help people! So creating GEEJ just made sense to me.

My Story

When that music plays, I just have to move and I've been doing this from such a young age - I just feel the music running through my bones and I've just gotta dance!

I have taught dance in some form for just over four years, and I'm constantly learning and growing to make my services better for you to benefit from. I always like to recognise my journey and the people and things I did that helped me get to where I am now. 

In 2017 I started my journey teaching a Street Dance class for ages 3-adults at The Vibe Performing Arts Academy, this was the real stepping stone to re-igniting my love to dance. 

Shortly after I started my journey as one of the first batch of Turn'd Up Instructors and this is where I really got my passion for making people feel good through dancing and keeping fit. 

I'm a qualified trainer and coach and always learning and completing new training to make sure I know more to help you!


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