Our Promise

GEEJ's Privacy Policy

There's no jargon here because keeping your privacy is simple.

Your data will not be shared with other companies and only stored as you wish.

What data might we have on you?

When you order a service, or register with us we will collect:

  • Your name

  • Email address

  • Shipment and Billing Address

  • Payment Information

  • Item details relevant to the order

  • Information needed for a personalised program

Getting your data

  • Through your registration

  • Through placing an order

  • You entering the information for our services

When will it be used?

  • Email newsletters tailored to you (should you opt in) through a third part provider. 

  • To deliver your orders and get the goods to you!

  • To process your payments

  • To get your feedback on our services.

  • To develop personalised services for you!

  • To  reply to any queries you have.

You want out?

Simple. Email, hello@geej.co.uk and we can sort that out for you! 

If something goes wrong

As hard as we try, technology isn't 100% safe and secure. Id a data breach were to happen we would notify you within five working days. 

Do we keep your data?

GEEJ will keep your data for the following reasons:

  • When you subscribe to our mailing list/feature on website. 

  • Cookies (help us know how our website is interacting). This only happens when you click allow! 

  • Photography/media - You may get snapped in a class, or through one of our services and feature on our website!